So, you might have noticed things are starting to look a bit, different, here?

I figured that seeing as I have a Twitter, and a Facebook, AND a YouTube (albeit one that has been left to languish for 5 years).. all dedicated to my customs and painting of things.. I should have something for "me".

Years and years and years ago I used to have a Deadjournal.... genuinely don't know if that's cool or uncool.. last time I read it mine was pretty uncool... and also hadn't been posted in for like, 10 years straight.

Anyway, I figured that I should give myself somewhere to try and be me, somewhere just to record my thoughts and try and help my current mental health issues.

I'll try not to be TOO dark or grim or grimdark.. but I genuinely do think it may help.

I'll still post the odd thing what-I-dun-made, but won't make it a huge thing if I can help it :)

So yeah! Really that's about it for now, might change the background and layout a bit, but that's a job for another night.

OH! And all my old posts have been saved, I think I'll post them to Facebook as "Notes" if I can.

There, nowhere near as long as the last one :3

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